Find answers to commonly asked questions about R&D Treehouse

Q: When are payments required for daycare services?
A: Payments must be made on the first of each month for our daycare services. Please contact us for more information about alternative arrangements.

Q: Can I bring my child(ren) when they are sick?
A: No, if they have the following; diarrhea, high temperature, whooping cough or any other serious conditions. R&D Treehouse Daycare prides ourselves in creating a healthy and germ free daycare environment for all children.

Q: Does R&D Treehouse Daycare accept subsidy?
A: Yes we accept subsidy however a small advance payment is required. Contact us for more information regarding subsidy or scroll to the bottom of the page where we have provided convenient links to the forms required.

Q: Am I required to pay if my child(ren) only comes for less than half of the month?
A: Yes, as your child has filled a dedicated spot within the daycare.

Q: Are there terms on cancelling daycare services?
A: Yes, we require a one month advance notice.

Q: Does R&D Treehouse Daycare provide breakfast, lunch or snacks?
A: Yes, snacks are provided twice daily.

Q: What is the age range for the daycare?
A: Our age range is 0 – 12 years.

Q: Does staff have CPR/First Aid certification and training?
A: Yes, safety is the most important aspect of our daycare, our staff is trained and experienced.

Q: Is the outdoor area fenced?
A: Yes, our fully fenced facility ensures the safety of all children in the daycare

Q: Are activites done outdoors?
A: Yes (weather permitting), outdoor activities are often arranged.

Q: Are the parents allowed to watch their child(ren) during care hours?
A: No, as this will hinder the child’s adjustment to the daycare facility

Q: Do you provide drop-off / pick-up service to local schools?
A: Yes, however a fee will apply. Please contact us for more information

Q: Can I drop my child for daycare on the weekend?
A: No, R&D Treehouse Daycare only operates Monday-Friday

Q: Does R&D Treehouse Daycare accept drop-ins?
A: Yes, please call beforehand to ensure availability.

Q: Can I tour the daycare before enrolling?
A: Yes, daycare tours are by appointment & after hours only. Please contact us to schedule a tour.