R&D Treehouse has been serving the community with day care services since 2010 providing; experiences that foster the development of children; meaningful and motivational activities that build foundation for future skills; professional staff with educational background, daycare training, teaching experience, and sensitivity to the individual needs of every child.

We are a dedicated day care facility that It is our core belief that children learn best in a positive, activity-centered, supportive environment. Reinforced by praise and reward from adults when a child is exploring helps encourage a child to feel that learning is both exciting and satisfying.

Dedicated Facility

Our facility is fully dedicated to your child’s care. We have designed our facility to help foster your child’s development through specialty areas such as a reading room or entertainment room.

Play & Outdoor Areas

Helping your child channel their playful side, we have a supervised play area with activities that make learning fun! Ensuring the safety of all children at R&D Treehouse Daycare is our number one priority. Our fully secured outdoor area lets children enjoy the sunshine while remaining in a safe environment away from hazards.

Specialty Areas

Throughout our facility we have specialized areas and nooks designed to provide the best level of care possible. These include a reading corner, lunch area, entertainment area, diaper station, and nap room. This is what sets R&D Treehouse apart from other daycare providers – we’ve dedicated our entire space to providing the highest quality of care and cutting no corners.

Visit our Treehouse!

We encourage all those who are interested in enrolling their child at R&D Treehouse to contact us today!